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Quality System Control

"Zero"efect through Total Quality Control


Since 1978 when our company obtained DNV ISO9001 International Quality System Certificate, we have been focusing on Total Quality Control to seek “Zero” Defect.

Our company has established specialized laboratories to obtain and record various experimental parameters with special equipment. We can carry out material testing, fire safe test, low temperature resistance test, hot test, life test, and various other tests in accordance with ISO, API, BS, GB for the development of new products so as to ensure that the products offered to users be mature, stable, customized high quality products.


Strict Inspection as the Guarantee, Raising Class as the Goal


WuZhou carries out strict inspection of every product. The highly responsible inspectors concentrate on every part, and, with the most advanced inspection equipment and strict scientific management, every piece of finished product is capable of standing up under customers’ careful selection. WuZhouErs make the promise that every product reaches the standard before leaving the factory. This is the reason why WuZhou products are so popular.