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CNPC 56"CL900 Fully-welded Ball valve
CNPC 56"CL900 Fully-welded Ball valve
Date: 2013-10-20   Visit: 7596

  Recently,WUZHOU signed the CNPC key equipment of  56"CL900 Fully-welded Ball valve for West-East Natural Gas Pipeline contract in Beijing. Leaders from China Petroleum and National energy department attended the conference.

In order to localization the big size and high pressure ball valves, improve the delivery time, CNPC selected WUZHOU as the main local ball valve manufacturer for the WEST-EAST Natural Gas pipiline. Our high quality & safety valves and advanced technology win the trust of CNPC.

56" Class 900 Fully-welded Ball valves are the biggest fully-welded ball valve all over the word

56" CLASS900 is the biggest fully-welded ball valves all over the world. WUZHOU will make 3 pieces of this kind valve to CNPC.