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Valves: Flanged Wellhead Expanding Gate Valve


Flanged Wellhead Expanding Gate Valve are used in wellhead equipment, it can use with multiple working medium. With forced sealing and wear self-complementary function, the valves are widely used.

• Full bore design, effectively eliminating the pressure drop and eddy
• The valve seat is designed with, it can self-cleaning the stains on the gate
• Double expanding gates design, effectively ensure the gate seat sealing with abrasion.
• Valve body and bonnet, gate and seat are both metal to metal sealing.
• HVOF spray or QPQ with carbide alloy on the surface of gate and seat, it can ensure good wear resistance, and corrosion resistance corruption.
• With injection grease valve on bonnet in order to grease the sealant to improve the sealing and lubricating function.
• Equip with any driven device.
• Working pressure: 2000PSI~10000PSI
• Size Range: 2 1/16″~4 1/16″
• Working medium: Oil, Natural Gas, Slurry and containing H2S、CO2 gas.
• Working temperature: -60°~121°C  (KU Grade)
• Material Level: AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF