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Ball valves: Water Power Station Ball Valve


The ball valve has been designed three piece body type and with two floating seats, which are movable under the pressure of drive water or oil. When drive pressure increase under the bottom side of seats, the floating seat can attach the ball’s surface tightly, other more, When drive pressure decrease under the bottom side of seats, the floating seat can leave the ball’s surface.


The ball valve is equipped with the movable seat seal ring which can generate displacement under the pressure of drive medium. So that biggest size ball valve can be easy to drive by actuator and the sealing performance of the ball valve can to be control.


The ball valve is suitable for service of water power station main pipe-line system, or strictly at functional reliability system.


Design Features

Simple structure with good tightness, small torque and reliability;

Floating seats with drive water or oil;

Low emission packing;

Drive stem horizontal installed;

Anti-blowout stem design;

Valve seat function can be control;


Product Range

Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, dual-phase steel

Nominal diameter:16"60"

Pressure range:Class1501500

End connection: RF, RTJ, BW

Working temperature:-29+200

Operation : electric, pneumatic actuator, electro-hydraulic actuator , etc.